Thursday, January 22, 2015

From my desk this week- Colour Play

Hello from my desk this week. Here are some of my designs I came up with on the first assignment with Lilla Rogers Boot camp. I have to admit I did find this a challenging assignment. The resource for the project was Edwardian Brooches and I found the subject matter hard to work with. However as I worked on my mini part of the assignment I found that I really got into the project. The  final assignment was to design a journal cover using icons created from Edwardian Brooches research.

I loved the suggested colour pallet to design with.  One of my creative goals this year is to expand the colour pallet I use in my designs. I was really inspired by the gem colours in the brooches. I managed to generate so many different combinations of designs. I am really happy that I have taken boot camp again as I feel like that I can really stretch and grow more.

As you can see, I did have a hard time choosing the final design to showcase on the January Gallery.

Everyone on Boot camp have really made some amazing designs and so well presented so stop by next week and check out the lovely designs on show.

You can see my final design below.

                                     Final design which will go live on the gallery next week.

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