Friday, February 27, 2015

Add fun to your year

It's nearly March and time to add more fun to your year. Here she is Miss Pisces pattern for March. Happy Birthday creative and dreamy Pisces people.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From my desk this week- Adventures with wood

Hello from my desk this week. What have been up to recently? I have been having fun with Lilla Rogers Boot camp. This month assignment was one I really enjoyed and maybe my favourite so far.

The assignment was first to explore the world of decorative plates. I managed to to draw lots of sketches taking inspiration from Scandinavian mid century decorative plates. My Danish grandmother used to have this style of ceramics around her home and her sister use to paint ceramic in the 1950's they where beautiful pieces.  As a child  I spend hours looking at the designs.

The idea was to work with round motifs and create little stories or scenes. I though the assignment was going to be about book illustration. As always Lilla likes to surprise and it was to paint on wood and create a piece of circular wall art.  One thing boot camp has done is to reignite my love of painting.

I loved working on wood. I have a bit of a wood painting bug now. I want paint all kind of surfaces. even thinking of painting our wooden floors. I am happy painting panels and little wooden figures.

Have look below at my process of making sketches and painting on wood.

The February Gallery is now live and you can see everyone at Boot camp had fun and some lovely art work was created. I can't wait for the next assignment in April.

Check out the lovely art here

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day pattern  for you today.
This is my favourite recipe the vanilla essence really makes them taste great.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Big Hugs- Happy Valentines Day

Remember to give those special people in your life a big hug and send them love. Family,kids,friends and other halves.
Have a great weekend X X

Friday, February 6, 2015

From my desk this week - Making a Manifesto

Hello from my desk this week. It's been a busy week here in the Susse studio. I have been working on a new mini at Lilla Rogers Boot camp. Started the new course at Pattern Observer photo shop for designers run by Sherry London a photo shop guru. Now building up my new photo shop superpowers. Getting my portfolio ready for the launch of theArt licensing show which I am super excited to be part of this new website. I will talk more about all these things next week.

Last week I had a whirl at making a manifesto a challenge set by Lilla Rogers. It was part of a competition. The inspiration was the Make Art Sells (MATS) courses and the things that MATS had brought to myself  and my creative work on an everyday level.

I decided to use many of the icons I created at last years MATS boot camp.  Each icon had meaning to me. Each assignment taught me something new. Here is my art manifesto above, that now sits on my wall in my studio.

1. Make time for your art.  

One thing I learnt through MATS the importance of making time for your art. The more you work on your art the better you get at your art. Tips like blocking out a time to create art or make art in hour have really helped me so much as I use to feel I didn't have enough time.

2.Play it's OK

I learnt the importance of play. Messing around trying new things is so important to grow your art practice. It's easy to sticking to your old style and what you know. Give yourself sometime to try new materials or think in another way.

3. Keep going even when skies are stormy.

Last year was not a very good year on personal level for me. Having surgery in the middle of boot camp was a bit of frustration. I didn't stop the course and being stuck in the house and bed for two months did create challenges.By working on the course did help me not go bonkers being stuck in the house.

4.Keep Positive.

Number 3 taught me to keep the positive. No matter how bad things might feel. You can turn the corner and things can change from the negative to the positive. So anyone out there having a stormy day the sun will peep out of the clouds very soon.

5.Take care of yourself and others.

Number 3 again taught me about taking care of your health and taking good care of your relationships with friends and family.

6. Find your global tribe.

Through MATS boot camp has help me grow my network so much. I have met so many amazing talented artist from around the world. All the artists are all going through the same things and having a supportive group of creative people has truly been a gift.

7. Keep growing to make great art.

It's so important to keep growing. Taking courses, going outside meeting like minded people. Visiting  It all contributes to a fertile environment to grow your creativity and art.

8. Find your way.

MATS has helped me find a new direction with my creative work.

9. Just dive in.

Don't wait!! Sometimes you just have to dive in and see what happens. Since taking MATS boot camp. I have been entering competitions, submitting my work to magazines and blogs. My work has been published in a book and a magazine and have been shortlisted for design competitions. I use to feel  not very confident about submitting my work but I have had a surprise by all the positive
support I have had so far.

10. JOY.

The underlying pattern behind my Manifesto is the word Joy. JOY is the key to creating great art and a happier creative life ahead.

Maybe you feel inspired to make your own manifesto.

Have a good weekend XXX