Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From my desk this week- Adventures with wood

Hello from my desk this week. What have been up to recently? I have been having fun with Lilla Rogers Boot camp. This month assignment was one I really enjoyed and maybe my favourite so far.

The assignment was first to explore the world of decorative plates. I managed to to draw lots of sketches taking inspiration from Scandinavian mid century decorative plates. My Danish grandmother used to have this style of ceramics around her home and her sister use to paint ceramic in the 1950's they where beautiful pieces.  As a child  I spend hours looking at the designs.

The idea was to work with round motifs and create little stories or scenes. I though the assignment was going to be about book illustration. As always Lilla likes to surprise and it was to paint on wood and create a piece of circular wall art.  One thing boot camp has done is to reignite my love of painting.

I loved working on wood. I have a bit of a wood painting bug now. I want paint all kind of surfaces. even thinking of painting our wooden floors. I am happy painting panels and little wooden figures.

Have look below at my process of making sketches and painting on wood.

The February Gallery is now live and you can see everyone at Boot camp had fun and some lovely art work was created. I can't wait for the next assignment in April.

Check out the lovely art here

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