Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's Here - The Surface Pattern Guide book Volume 1

I am excited to share the ‘The Surface Pattern Design Lookbook – Volume 1′ – an amazing collection of designs curated from the Make it in Design Summer School 2014!
Last year I took part  in the Make it in Design summer school and was very lucky to have my work selected for their new publication  Surface pattern guide.  Thank you so much Make it in design for showcasing my work in the water Rays section.
Take a look at the amazing work of all the students from all corners of the globe on issuu.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Add fun to your year

It's nearly April  and time for a new calendar girl for the month. Here she is Aries dancing with her sheep like Bo Peep. Happy birthday Aries have a great birthday month. Time for a Spring break as the School holidays approach so see you back here in a week or so.

Friday, March 20, 2015

From my desk this week- Art Licensing Show

I am super excited to announce that the Art Licensing Show website will have it's grand opening on Monday the 23rd of March

Below are some pieces I made for the grand celebratory opening as you can see my little characters are excited and ready to strut their stuff in front of art directors from around the world. Hopefully find a home on some products very soon.

The Art Licensing show website is a safe environment to show your art licensing portfolio to art directors from around the world. A way to connect and share your collection in an on line environment. Meet other industry experts and connect with artists and share your views in different groups in your  chosen field.  There is a diverse mix of artwork  on the site so many creations to find in one place and similar to walking a trade show but access that is 24/7.

Find out more about the site here

Art directors can sign up here

Have a great weekend X X

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Mother's day.

It's Mother's day in the UK here. So happy mother's day to all the Mamas today I hope your having a great day. X X

Friday, March 13, 2015

From my desk this week- My new Photoshop Super Powers

My New Susse Super Powers.

Hello from my desk this week. Today I just finished a very intensive 6 week course and adventure with Pattern Observer  workshop Adobe Photoshop for designers run by Sherry London.  Sherry is an amazing expert on photo shop and has worked with the program from the very beginning so really knows the ins and outs of photo shop.

It has been an amazing workshop and I really feel I have acquired some new photoshop super powers. Even if you know photoshop really well. Sherry really gets into great detail about each tool and it's application. Especially the application for creating surface patterns. For me the course  has unlocked a wealth of new ideas. I have always felt frustrated working digitally. I am from the old school way of working with my art work. I love working with something tactile in my hands. 

It has been time consuming and other projects have had to wait. I am glad of the investment in time learning new photoshop skills. I am now working so much faster  with putting collections and ideas together.
Now photoshop is a new tool in my art box to help me create new surface patterns and help push new ideas. Instead of photo shop being a tool as a means to translating my original artwork digitally. 

Have a good weekend X X.

Here are few practice examples I made on the course.

Making and playing with brushes:

Painting with brushes experiments with PFD at Pattern Observer by Sherry London

Painting with brushes experiments with PFD at Pattern Observer by Sherry London
Putting artwork into set,tossed and 4 way repeats and accurately measuring repeats for production.
Painting with brushes experiments  4 way repeat with PFD at Pattern Observer by Sherry London
Playing with colour and making colour ways:
Set repeat and changing colours with PFD at Pattern Observer by Sherry London

Repeats and changing colours with PFD at Pattern Observer by Sherry London

Repeats and changing colours with PFD at Pattern Observer by Sherry London
 Using photography in your pattern work and improving your photos for shop pages and websites.
Photography as a starting point with PFD at Pattern Observer by Sherry London

Photography as a starting point with PFD at Pattern Observer by Sherry London

Photography as a starting point with PFD at Pattern Observer by Sherry London

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Collection Vida Voices for Vida

I am excited to announce that last week, I received an email from VIDA.  VIDA is a global partnership of creators, pairing designers from around the world with makers in Pakistan in accordance with high ethical standards, to create original, beautiful products.  And the best part is that using part of proceeds from the sales of the products, VIDA creates literacy programs for the makers, so that they have opportunities to learn reading, writing and basic math that they would not otherwise have. You can find out more below form the Vida story link below in this post.
I have been invited to create 4 designs for their on-line shop. Here are some spring designs I created for the store below. Spring Girl,Spring Butterflies,Spring Time and Sprig Birds.I hope you like them and make you feel about the new Spring season.  A perfect gift for Mothers day or a treat for your new spring wardrobe.  Your chance to wear an exclusive silk top or scarf with a fun Susse pattern. 

My page went live over the weekend and the goal is to receive 5 orders per piece with in two weeks.Once the goal is for filled the production can start rolling for these designs. 

To help new customers you receive this discount code for 25% off using VOICES and a $5 International shipping.

A nice way to add fun to your Spring and treat yourself or a friend and help others along the way.

I would really appreciate it if you could forward this blog post  and share the store link and discount code on social media and spread the word about this great project. Thank you so much XX.

Find out more about VIDA below.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tigerprint Competition - Floral Pattern Shortlist

A couple of weeks ago I decided to enter another Tigerprint competition. This time the brief was to create a universal floral pattern that could be used for lots of different products for Marks and Spencers. I am really excited to discover I made the shortlist for the competition. It must have been so hard to choose from 1400 patterns. They all look amazing.  Here is my entry and some ideas how I would use this pattern.
You can see the other shortlisted patterns here

A couple of mentions on the web.

A mention on the UK Handmade Blog Here

Hello  I discovered a few mentions on the web. Thank  you Make it in design and UK handmade for mentioning my work in their book reviews of the new Print and Pattern Book Geometric.

You can purchase the book here

A mention on the make it in design blog and review of the Print and Pattern Book Geometric. Here