Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Collection Vida Voices for Vida

I am excited to announce that last week, I received an email from VIDA.  VIDA is a global partnership of creators, pairing designers from around the world with makers in Pakistan in accordance with high ethical standards, to create original, beautiful products.  And the best part is that using part of proceeds from the sales of the products, VIDA creates literacy programs for the makers, so that they have opportunities to learn reading, writing and basic math that they would not otherwise have. You can find out more below form the Vida story link below in this post.
I have been invited to create 4 designs for their on-line shop. Here are some spring designs I created for the store below. Spring Girl,Spring Butterflies,Spring Time and Sprig Birds.I hope you like them and make you feel about the new Spring season.  A perfect gift for Mothers day or a treat for your new spring wardrobe.  Your chance to wear an exclusive silk top or scarf with a fun Susse pattern. 

My page went live over the weekend and the goal is to receive 5 orders per piece with in two weeks.Once the goal is for filled the production can start rolling for these designs. 

To help new customers you receive this discount code for 25% off using VOICES and a $5 International shipping.

A nice way to add fun to your Spring and treat yourself or a friend and help others along the way.

I would really appreciate it if you could forward this blog post  and share the store link and discount code on social media and spread the word about this great project. Thank you so much XX.

Find out more about VIDA below.

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