Friday, June 26, 2015

Add fun to your year

July is just around the corner so it's time to add fun to your year. Here is a nice summery pattern for you to enjoy. Happy birthday all you loving Cancerians. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

From my desk this week- Boot Camp Editorial Illustration

Here is my final assignment for Lilla Rogers Boot camp. The brief to illustrate and article tips for  becoming a successful digital nomad for on line magazine Forbes. You can read the article here.
My piece illustrates the freedom you can have now with the help of digital technology. I wanted to create a spirit of travel and adventure while working away from the conventional office space. I came up with different places you can work in.  Working on this image it did reminded me of myself moving to Australia and not really having a physical studio space to work in. I used my laptop as a virtual studio. Sometimes in the park at the beach or in a library and many coffee shops. I could identify with this article in a way. I came up with different place to work but then put it all in the one illustration. You can see my different ideas below.
The June gallery is now open over at Lilla Roger Boot Camp so enjoy everyone's work. Here

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Fathers Day - New Work

I have been working on some new portfolio pieces for my portfolio books. Trying to get things completed before the long summer school holiday which are coming up soon.  I have been focusing on cards and wrapping designs. Here is one of my ideas from sketch on my desk to final colour design for Father's day. I worked on several themes, this one is Gardening Dad. Happy Father's for Sunday guys I hope all have a good day.
I will be loading more designs at the Art Licensing Show website over the next couple of weeks so if your an Art director interested in seeing my latest creations you can visit the site and registered here.
Have a lovely weekend X X.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

From my desk this week-Playing around with pattern Home Decor

Hello from my desk this week. Last week I was lucky enough to enjoy 5 fantastic  free videos about the home decor market created by Lilla Rogers Design School and lots of great tips where given by Margo TantauVP of Creative for Midwest CBK. This week I felt inspired to take one of my old patterns and see how I could create some happy summer garden decor for a hot lazy day in the back garden. The kind of day you enjoy a long barbecue with friends. As you can see you can get quite a lot if mileage with just one pattern. 
There is a twitter chat with Margo on home decor so you can ask any questions about the home decor market. 

Interested in Lilla's courses you can find out more here

Monday, June 8, 2015

From my desk this week-People People People

It's the last boot camp assignment at Lilla Rogers Designs school. Feeling a little sad but glad I have taken the course again. It was a different experience for me this time around and I think the assignments where definitely more challenging than last year.
Here are some sketches from last weeks mini. It's all about people and those tech devices which seem to be an extension of our bodies these days. When you don't have your phone how do you feel? Your security blanket is gone? Feel disconnected from the world or do you feel free? 
Looking at my site you can tell I love drawing people . My go to doodles are always people and faces. I guess I had to think of drawing in a different way and just have fun. I thought of London the bustle and hustle on the streets and on public transport. Here are my people people people of London and I am wondering what that last assignment will be this week?
Have a good week X X

Creative Safari Greetings

Have you seen the gorgeous blog  Creative Safari by the shop Ohh Deer on-line shop. Lots of fantastic eye candy to be seen here.

They are running a card competition there still a little time to submit so get going and make some lovely cards.
Here are my entries I uploaded this week.

Bon Voyage

Happy Bee Birthday

Just called to say Happy Birthday

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Can't wait for Uppercase Magazine issue 26.

I am excited to share the news that my Planet Earth stamp submission was accepted by Uppercase Magazine and will be published in Issue 26.  
My stamp was inspired by the qualities of vintage stamps from the 60's and 70's. In particular stamps celebrating the space race and travel. I really loved the simple layouts and overlay of colours and texture. Also the print quality on the paper. I couldn’t decide on a country so I thought it would be fun to make a stamp for the future. When one day we might travel and live on other planets. I decided on a universal stamp for Planet Earth.
Can't wait for issue 26 f you're not a current subscriber, you can subscribe / renew using the code "cannotwaitforU26" for $15 off.