Tuesday, June 23, 2015

From my desk this week- Boot Camp Editorial Illustration

Here is my final assignment for Lilla Rogers Boot camp. The brief to illustrate and article tips for  becoming a successful digital nomad for on line magazine Forbes. You can read the article here.
My piece illustrates the freedom you can have now with the help of digital technology. I wanted to create a spirit of travel and adventure while working away from the conventional office space. I came up with different places you can work in.  Working on this image it did reminded me of myself moving to Australia and not really having a physical studio space to work in. I used my laptop as a virtual studio. Sometimes in the park at the beach or in a library and many coffee shops. I could identify with this article in a way. I came up with different place to work but then put it all in the one illustration. You can see my different ideas below.
The June gallery is now open over at Lilla Roger Boot Camp so enjoy everyone's work. Here

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