Monday, June 8, 2015

From my desk this week-People People People

It's the last boot camp assignment at Lilla Rogers Designs school. Feeling a little sad but glad I have taken the course again. It was a different experience for me this time around and I think the assignments where definitely more challenging than last year.
Here are some sketches from last weeks mini. It's all about people and those tech devices which seem to be an extension of our bodies these days. When you don't have your phone how do you feel? Your security blanket is gone? Feel disconnected from the world or do you feel free? 
Looking at my site you can tell I love drawing people . My go to doodles are always people and faces. I guess I had to think of drawing in a different way and just have fun. I thought of London the bustle and hustle on the streets and on public transport. Here are my people people people of London and I am wondering what that last assignment will be this week?
Have a good week X X

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