Monday, September 28, 2015

Add fun to your year

Really starting feel the Autumn chill here in London. October is nearly here and so here is my next calendar page for you to enjoy. I have been in carnival circus mood in the studio recently so I decided it would be perfect to use a tight rope walker keeping her Liberian balance. Happy birthday Libra.

Friday, September 25, 2015

From my desk this week- Get Happy

Hello from my desk this week. I am sharing some pieces I have been making this week. As you can see it's all about finding your happy in everyday things.  Sending out happy vibes this week.
Have a happy weekend.

Susse XX

Friday, September 18, 2015

Illustration Friday- Mermaids

Just for fun I submitted my illustration to Illustration Friday today. The topic was Mermaid . Check out Illustration Friday they have lots of great tips for illustrators and it's fun to take part in the weekly challenge and see all the different styles of illustration from around the world.

From my desk this week- Autumnal Drawings

Hello from my desk this week. It's quick post today showing off a few random sketches and experiments of things autumnal. It's starting to get a bit chilly here in London and I have a serious craving for new autumn clothes flooding into the shops now. It's good to play around and get off the computer sometimes. 
Have a good weekend. X X

Friday, September 11, 2015

From my desk this week - Wall Art for Kids

Hello from my desk this week. It feels very long time since I have been on my blog and able to share my projects with you. It is so nice to be back in my studio again.
Over the summer holidays I received an e-mail from BoomBoom Prints. This company specializes in custom prints  for nursery art and products for new born and parents. The original owners of the company where looking for some artwork for their new born and a saw a gap in the market for artistic nursery art. The company commissions many artist who are parents themselves.  You can read about the artist here on their blog. Recently I have been wanting to develop more work for the children's home decor market so I thought I would try this website with some of my illustrations.

Here is my little collection of wall art based on a circus story. I have been developing this story in my ownportfolio recently so it felt like the right subject matter to use.
The circus story is an imaginary world where animals put on the big show with tight rope walking cats,acrobat tigers,juggling dogs and many more animals ready to put on the big performance hopefully capture the imagination of small children.
You can visit my store here.

Have a good weekend X X